All Natural Ingredients


Boulder Dog Food Company LLC is committed to making the highest quality dog and cat treats, using only 100% natural ingredients. Grass-fed cattle, bison and lambs produce leaner, healthier cuts of meat with more favorable ratios of omega-3 fatty acids. Meat from grass-fed animals also has lower levels of dietary cholesterol and higher levels of antioxidants, including vitamins A and E. The animals are raised without antibiotics or added growth hormones. They are allowed to grow at their natural pace in a free-range environment.

Our chickens and turkeys are raised in a cage-free environment on a vegetarian diet, primarily corn and soy meal with vitamins and minerals added. The chicken and turkey meat is free from hormones (prohibited in the raising of poultry in this country), steroids, artificial ingredients and chemical preservatives. Our USDA certified poultry is raised primarily for human consumption with strict testing and monitoring for salmonella or other microbial bacteria.

We specialize in making healthy and organic dog and cat treats that are 100% meat or 100% fish. However, we cater to every dog's palate and our Bison Formula Nuggets, Bison Liver Biscotti and Chicken Liver Biscotti contain grains, though meat remains the primary ingredient. The whole oat, spelt, and chickpea flours used in these products are USDA certified organic and are sourced from restaurant suppliers. We use only farm fresh eggs, not dried or powdered. Our canola oil, olive oil, yeast, kelp and garlic are selected for their nutritional and flavor-enhancing properties.