Our mission is to provide the highest quality gourmet dog and cat treats available using human grade meat and all natural ingredients. Our all natural treats are made in the USA, in our own facility that we own and operate in Boulder, Colorado. Since we source our own raw meats and control our cooking processes, we can deliver high-quality treats that are safe and nutritious for your pets. We specialize in dog and cat treats that are grain free and 100% meat - bison, beef, lamb, chicken, turkey and 100% fish - salmon, squid, tilapia and shrimp. Our grass-fed bison, cattle and lambs are raised humanely in the Western United States without steroids, antibiotics or added hormones. The poultry is raised in a cage-free environment on a vegetarian diet and allowed to mature naturally. Our salmon, squid, tilapia and shrimp are from U.S. waters. Our cooking processes are designed to preserve the flavor and nutrients of our meaty treats. Every day you'll find us in our Boulder kitchen baking the ultimate gourmet dog and cat treats with premium ingredients. We are proud to offer your canine and feline companions the finest products available - treats from Boulder Dog Food Company LLC and Boulder Cat Food Company LLC.